Your home should be a haven from the outside world, so if yours feels less than beneficial for your health and overall well-being, it may be time for some changes. Making modifications to your home for greater safety, comfort, and peace of mind can help you feel more relaxed and less stressed in your home. Try these tips for turning your home into relaxing and safe space:

Hire Certified Contractors to Reduce Exposure to Lead Paint

Did you know that toxins could be hiding in the walls of your home? If you own an older home and are planning on making major changes, you should be aware of the dangers that lead paint can pose to the health and safety of your family, and you should also understand how to mitigate these hazards.

Older homes are far more likely to contain hidden layers of lead-based paints on walls, ceilings, baseboards and other areas. Even simple renovations, like sanding a wall to repaint or scraping surfaces to even them out, can release toxic lead particles into the air in your home, putting your family at risk.

According to the CDC, effects of lead exposure can include abdominal pain, headaches, and dizziness, and prolonged exposure can even result in chronic disease. So if you even suspect that lead paint or other toxins may be present in your home, make sure that your contractors are all EPA-certified.

Replace Old Carpets to Reduce Health Effects of Dust & Allergens

Older homes, and even some newer ones, often have floors that are covered in carpet. While carpet may be a soft choice for fall-prone small children and seniors, having carpeted floors can be a major problem for allergy sufferers. The Spruce points out reports can be mixed when it comes to the impact that carpet can have on allergy symptoms in the home, but one recent report from the NCBI (National Institute for Biotechnology) found that homes with more carpet also had lower air quality.

It’s safe to assume that replacing your carpet can improve the health and well-being of your family. Tile, hardwood, and laminate can all be allergy-friendly options, and you can take it a step further by installing an eco-friendly solution such as cork or bamboo. If you can’t replace your carpet just yet, you can also invest time and effort into allergy-proofing it.

Ensure Mobile & Manufactured Homes are Property Anchored

Folks who live in geographical areas that are prone to high winds, including ones produced by hurricanes and tornadoes, should take the proper precautions to secure their homes to the ground. As Wunderground explains, the majority of tornado deaths can be attributed to improperly secured mobile homes, so this step is crucial.

Anchoring a mobile home is a task you can typically take on yourself, although you can hire a professional if you want to avoid getting messy or making any mistakes. You should also keep track of the age of your home, your annual home inspections, and any other aspects that may have an impact on the safety and stability of your home during storms and high winds. 

Reduce Any Trip or Fall Hazards Inside and Outside of The Home 

Falls can be dangerous for anyone, but they can be especially hazardous for seniors. In fact, falls are a leading cause of death and serious injury for older adults who are older than 65, but thankfully there are some very simple steps you can take to protect senior loved ones in and around your home.

If you are considering switching carpet out for harder flooring, make sure that you choose a slip-resistant option. Inside your home, you can also reduce fall hazards by keeping floors clear of clutter, installing even lighting, and getting rid of loose rugs and cords.

Back outside, if your mobile home has stairs leading to the entryway, consider coating them in textured paint for enhanced grip or decide whether installing a ramp is your best bet for preventing falls.

The safer and more secure your home is, the more you will be able to relax inside of it. Consider making some of these simple modifications for the sake of better health and well-being. It’s your home, and it should be your safe haven.

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Author – Natalie Jones