“Oh my gosh…This
isn’t a manufactured home,
this is just like what I’m living in.” –

There’s been considerable third-party research and surveys proving a large percentage of manufactured home owners first owned a conventional “site-built” house, duplex, condo or townhouse.

Those satisfied homeowners come from all walks of life – from penny-pinching millionaires to those of modest means – and all in between.

Those who have owned both conventional and manufactured homes – as is the case with the homeowner in this episode of Inside MH – The Road Show video interview – routinely express great satisfaction with their manufactured home.

Before we note the problems in some news coverage, let’s stress that we mean no disrespect to the mainstream media, because they do have numbers of dedicated, good writers, journalists, and editors.

In fact, there are several news outlets that have reported in recent months positive views of contemporary manufactured homes as an eye-appealing, green, comfortable money-saving option.

But facts are facts. Mainstream media often tends to focus on bad news, instead of good news.

So, surveys of happy customers who own a manufactured home often get drowned out by those “bad news” stories.

Sadly, problematic news stories often take information out-of-context – and thus aren’t an accurate view of reality.

A classic, recent example of the overall-happy reality and facts about manufactured homes vs. an out-of-context slanted news report, is linked here.

Inside MH Road Show with Roger Thompson

In this video interview, Roger Thompson – no relation to the actor and U.S. Senator named Fred Thompson (1942-2015, RIP) – shares some experiences that proved eye-opening to his friends and neighbors.

Many of them were skeptics about the potential quality and appeal for today’s manufactured homes. That is, they were skeptical, until they looked and experienced Roger’s home for themselves.

Custom Built or Ready-to-Go – Different Styles of Manufactured Homes Available Today

Broadly speaking, let’s note that manufactured homes today are built in two categories – entry level/‘shade and shelter’ manufactured homes to more upscale/residential style manufactured homes.

Think of basic cars, cell phones or any other ‘entry level’ product that does what it is supposed to do, but may not have all the fancy features that an upgraded model offers.

Entry-level and upgrade styles of manufactured homes all serve important groups that want good housing. Note that both entry and residential styles must meet all of the federal construction, safety and energy codes.

With that background in mind, its those upgraded – “residential style,” Energy Star type model homes – that this video and interview with Roger Thompson are focused on.

On location in Henderson, KY

We met Roger Thompson at Sunset Terrace Homes, near the Ohio River in Henderson, about a mile south of the Indiana and Kentucky state lines.

As with all of our other video interviews with home owners, they are not paid or compensated. So why do they do it?

Those we interview are willing to go on camera because they’re proud of their home, and they want to share their experiences with others.

Genuine! “The Real Deal”

So, as you listen to Thompson talk about his experience, you get that sincerely authentic expression that comes from a “real person” saying just how they truly feel.

The main home shown in this video is elegant and spacious, built by an Energy Star builder – Sunshine Homes, made in Red Bay, AL – and their homes are available in about 2 dozen states.

Choices! Colors! Styles!

There’s a wide array of styles and features available. So, whatever size, style, and budget someone has, the odds are good that you can find that design that is a perfect fit for you – just as Roger did.

2016 is about to come to a close, and 2017 starts tomorrow! Happy New Years to our readers and visitors.

While there seems to be plenty of political wrangling ahead, there is also a renewed sense of optimism that surveys tell us has swept-the-nation post-election.

Consumer confidence has soared to the highest level it has been since 2007. The desire for truly positive change is likely to keep the heat on politicians to do what’s best for the vast majority of Americans.

Thus, the outlook for the new year is good. May your 2017 be prosperous and bright.

And if you are looking for a home, make sure you check out modern manufactured homes in the area that you plan to live. Odds are good that you’ll be glad that you did.

Don’t take my word for it.


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